Committed Against Climate Change

Susana Lagüera López

Head of Cátedra

University of Salamanca

Susana Lagüela López (Lugo, 1986) head of the Cátedra Iberdrola Viii Centenario in the University of Salamanca, where she leads a team working on the implementation of renewable energies in Spain, and on the development of tools for the management of self-consumption.

She is also research collaborator with the University of Vigo (Spain) and Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands), in projects related to energy efficient buildings and satellite monitoring of efficient wáter consumption for crop irrigation, respectively.

Susana is a Mining Engineer, specialized in Energy, from the University of Vigo (2009), and has an MSc in Environmental Technology (2010). Her PhD focused on 3D thermography with application to energy efficienty in buildings (2014).

From the beginning of her research career, she focused on the reduction of energy consumption towards the minimization of its effect on climate change. The, she centered her studies in the analysis of the energy potential of the Earth, for the explotation of the energu resources (renewable energies). Multispectral data, from aerial and satellite points of view, are the main objects of her study, due to their applicability in big-scale heat transfer studies.