Committed Against Climate Change

Sara Pérez

Triathlon international athlete

I started competing in swimming when I was six years old. I achieved my dream when I was 16 years old swimming in an Olympic final at the JJOO in Athens. When I am 24 years old I try triathlon and I get hooked on the first one. Every year I get better and I go back to competing internationally.

Along the way I get to be champion of Spain, some podium in some Continental Cups and be top 10 in World Cups. Right now in the middle of Road to Tokyo, I’m fighting

to have the opportunity to be in an Olympic Games again.

My sport being outdoors and swimming in different seas, rivers and lakes makes this aware of climate change, but I have many other reasons, if we do not act on climate change it is a reality that will have inevitable implications and the economic and social impacts will be increasingly serious.

In my day to day I try to consume as little plastic as possible, take advantage of daylight hours and try to make the least possible trips with the car. Of course, I recycle in my house.