Committed Against Climate Change

Manuel del Jesus

Hydroclimatology Associate Professor and Researcher

Instituto de Hidráulica Ambiental de la Universidad de Cantabria (IHCantabria)

Civil engineer, PhD in Environmental Hydraulics by Universidad de Cantabria (Spain), postdoc on the Environmental Engineering and Water Resources department of Princeton University (USA), works as Associate Professor at Universidad de Cantabria, and Researcher at the Environmental Hydraulics Institute (IHCantabria). Manuel combines his teaching activity, with research, and technological transfer and innovation in the water sector, specifically with problems related to the water cycle. He is specialized in treating with climate drivers and climate change effects, and in evaluating their impacts for environmental risk assessments.

Manuel has ample experience dealing with environmental hazards, such as flooding and drought, over different systems, from cities to hydropower systems, at different spatial scales, covering from the city to the continental scale. The incorporation of climate change effects is essential to properly characterize its impacts and to design and implement optimal adaptation actions.