Committed Against Climate Change

Macarena Guajardo Mavroski 

Executive Director

Fundación Basura

Architect from Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, with an MSc in Energy, Technology and Sustainable Structures from TU Berlin, Germany, and an International Masters in Sustainable Projects from the IFA, Madrid, Spain. Since 2011 she has created, directed and coordinated projects in connection with the reuse of materials and public participation in architecture in L’Aquila, Italy; Port-au-Prince, Haiti; and Chile. Chosen as one of Chile’s 10 Socio-Environmental entrepreneurs by YouthActionNet generation 2016. She worked as communications coordinator for the Latin American network of anaerobic bio-digestion (RedBioLAC), as a teacher in the Applied Circular Economy Laboratory course in Architecture of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Currently she is employed as Executive Director of Fundación Basura.