Committed Against Climate Change

Javier Santaolalla

Scientific Communicator

I was born a physicist, and became an engineer, first contradiction. Burgos and canary, scientist and artist, I practice the art of covering a lot and tightening what you can. I travel a lot, I do sports, I love my family and my friends, but like this, is not of interest , I tell you what I can do. Telecommunications Engineer from ULPGC, with work experience in satellites in the French space agency (CNES). I graduated in physics studying summers while my friends went to the beach. I obtained a master’s degree in fundamental physics researching with a scholarship from CIEMAT at CERN. All this in 9 years and without using quantum powers. After taking a doctorate in particle physics, I now talk about physics. I am a founding member of Big Van, scientists on wheels, I do scientific shows (monologues), conductor of galas, I am the author of 6 books, I present the Telecienciario in the newspaper El Mundo, I research in education with a European project and I have a trilogy of channels from Youtube: Give yourself a Volt, Give yourself a Vlog and Give yourself a Me. And best of all, they pay me to do it.