Committed Against Climate Change

Gonzalo Muñoz

High-Level Climate Champion


Gonzalo Muñoz is 47 years old, married and has three daughters. Having completed his studies in agricultural and environmental sciences, his first 10 years of professional career developed in the food industry, managing to reach the position of CEO before the age of 30. When he propose to challenge himself about the triple impact on businesses, he met with his friends Joaquín Arnolds and Manuel Díaz, with whom he set out to undertake projects with the intention of helping to solve some of humanity’s main problems, through a proposal that seeks to be profitable and grow by avoiding any potential negative externality. This was the beginning of TriCiclos, an engineering company in applied circular economy, which in January 2012 became the first B company in South America, with offices in Chile, Brazil, Peru and Colombia. To date, he has also worked with clients in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica, the United States, Belgium and Australia.

Gonzalo has played an active role in the B business movement, being co-founder of SistemaB International and of the Global Governance Council (GGC). A few years before TriCiclos, Gonzalo had started the Polkura vineyard (also company B) with his partner at Sven Bruchfeld University.

In January 2019, during the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, Gonzalo received the “The Circulars” award, the highest award for the circular economy in the world. A few months later, Gonzalo had the honor of being appointed by the President of the Republic of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, with the position of High-Level Climate Champion of COP25. This is the first time that a “Climate Champion” comes from the private sector.