Committed Against Climate Change

Elena Moreno Zaldibar

Deputy Minister for the Environment

Basque GovernmentPresident for the Norh. Regions4 Sustainable Development network

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, with broad managing experience in public administration leadership positions. In 2016, she was appointed Deputy Minister for the Environment of the Basque Government and is currently responsible for: planning and coordinating the environmental policy; formulating the climate change policies; and promoting the actions needed to raise awareness of environmental issues.

She is President of Ihobe, the Environmental Public Agency. Ihobe supports the Basque Government in the implementation of the environmental policy. Ms. Elena Moreno is President for the Norh of Regions4 Sustainable Development network. Regions4 was established in 2002 at the World Summit in Johannesburg as the Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development – nrg4SD. In 2019, it became Regions4, and now represents 42 regional governments from 20 countries in 4 continents.