Committed Against Climate Change

Carlos Mataix

Director, Centre for Innovation in Technology for Human Development

Polytechnic University of Madrid

I am a professor in the School of Industrial Engineering at the Technical University of Madrid, and director of UPM’s Centre for Innovation in Technology for Human Development (itdUPM).

I began my university career in 1991, when I received a scholarship from the Ministry of Education for my doctoral thesis, which I completed in 1994, focused on the study of small businesses in the informal sector.

Since then, my career has allowed me to not only observe, but also participate in the organizational design and change management of various organizations.

I have always been interested in strengthening the university’s relationship with civil society, having been the assistant director of student affairs and university extension of the School of Industrial Engineers at the UPM.

In terms of public administration, I joined the office of the director at the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) in 2008, tasked with launching the Planning and Quality Unit, and since then I have worked as an expert adviser to the cooperation council.

Within the third sector, I was the founder of Ingeniería Sin Fronteras (Engineers Without Borders) and vice president of the Coordinator of Spanish Development NGOs, also participating as a board member and advisor for various Spanish and international civil society organizations.

In the private sector, I am the director of business chairs, a member of the Iberdrola stakeholder council, and advisor to corporate foundations, such as Fundación Carasso, Cotec and the Spanish Network for Sustainable Development (REDS).