Committed Against Climate Change

Anurag Saha Roy

Co-Founder, Wikilimo

United Nations Competition Summer of Solutions Winner

Anurag is a 25-year-old Engineer from India currently based out of Singapore. He works on building technology that helps tackle large scale social challenges ranging from climate-resilient agriculture in Africa to two-wheeler accidents in South-East Asia.

Anurag’s venture Wikilimo strives to provide access to weather and agri-insights to remote rural communities that do not have internet or smartphones but rely heavily on climate information for their agri-centred economy. At the recent Climate Week in NYC, Anurag spoke extensively about Wikilimo and the need for youth social entrepreneurship and the use of technology for fighting the impending climate doom.

As an Engineer and Physicist, his approach to challenges is often quantitative and methodical and he has applied the same in the efforts to ensure equitable access to technological and data insights. For his day job, Anurag uses quantum mechanics to build super precise sensors that measure gravity to help map the impact of Climate Change on the world’s oceans. At Wikilimo, he handles both the technology and business, leading the team’s effort to build an open Climate Informatics platform for all.