Committed Against Climate Change

Adela Conchado

Strategic Sustainability Consultant


Adela Conchado is an enthusiast of the possibilities of innovation and collaboration towards more sustainable futures. She works as Strategic Sustainability Consultant with Far&Sound, helping companies integrate sustainability at the core of their strategy, and contributes to the diffusion and activation of the Circular Economy as university lecturer, speaker, entrepreneurship mentor and workshop facilitator. Most of her previous career was as a researcher on the intersection of energy, innovation and sustainability, at the Institute for Research in Technology (IIT), Comillas University. She also co-founded Weneru, a start-up aiming to facilitate energy efficiency for small electricity consumers. With a background in engineering (Industrial Engineering and Master in Electric Power Systems) and social sciences (MSc Business and Community), she obtained a PhD with an interdisciplinary thesis on energy innovation policy in the context of Climate Change.