Committed Against Climate Change

Mercedes Martín

Editor and weather presenter

Antena 3 TV

Editor and weather presenter in Antena 3 TV morning news since 2014. Graduated in Oceanography and Environmental Sciences from Cádiz University. After that, I studied applied remote sensing at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). I was part of the Marie Curie investigation program `Throughflow Project´ in the London Natural History Museum, where I helped 11 researchers to restore the origin of biodiversity in the most varied marine ecosystem in the Earth. One year later, I came back to Spain to get in to the Faculty of Physics to specialize in Meteorology. I did my internship in TVE (the national state-owned television broadcaster in Spain). It was in that moment when I got the chance to start my career in communication.

In the last years I have been focused on diffusion and divulgation. The climate change is a controversial topic but not many people are able to explain what it involves, what are its consequences, why this happens, how to fight against it or how to reduce its effects… So, this is my challenge: informing on this alarming issue with scientific rigor, honesty and transparency.