Committed Against Climate Change

María de la Fuente

Ecoship Project International Coordinator

Peace Boat

After completing my degree on International Relations at the University of Bordeaux, I moved to Japan where I started my professional carrier within Peace Boat. Peace Boat is a leading Japanese Social Business and International NGO organising world cruises on a 1500-people capacity vessel with the overall objective to raise awareness on issues related to peace and sustainability. It has been operating since 1983, organising until now more than 60 world cruises and 30 regional voyages, accounting for more than 70000 participants. The revenues coming from its cruising operation are channelled into its NGO and educational activities.

Over the years, I had the opportunity to perform several roles within the organisation and I gathered extensive experience and knowledge in the designing and running of educational programs and sustainable tourism projects, as well as in advocacy and campaigning within the UN agenda related to peace and sustainability. Furthermore, I combined my professional responsibilities with my interest for the academic approach by completing two Masters: one on Environmental Management at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and a second one on Sustainable Tourism, at the University of Lausanne.

My last professional assignment was within the Ecoship-Project, an on-going project initiated by Peace Boat to build the most sustainable cruise ship targeting a close-to-zero emissions in ports, a 40% CO2 reduction while cruising compared to similar vessels, among other technological and organisational innovations. We envision the Ecoship not only as a flagship for climate action and ocean protection, but also as a new leadership for a new green cruising model, cruising industry being a booming sector that urgently needs to grow sustainable.