Tiziana Trotta, Journalist. Planeta Futuro, El País.

I am an Italian journalist living in Spain. I currently work for El País, covering issues related to sustainable human development. I am especially focused on children’s rights and sustainable cities. Lately, I have been reporting from Chad on the link between the climate change and poverty for indigenous people; the impact of tourism development on water resources in Sudan; the conservation of environment in Uganda or natural disasters in the Philippines, among other stories.

“In order to meet the challenges presented by climate change, it is important to create “stories”, a narrative that motivates people to act”

“The direct impact of drought and floods on childhood is not evident at first sight, but 175 millions of children in the world could be affected by climate change in the next decade”

“Spain is one of the most vulnerable countries in Europe related to climate change. Although it is far from the extreme situation of some African countries, it is necessary to act before it is too late. Spain is moving in the right direction, but children’s rights are not yet taken into account in environmental policies”