Sonia Castañeda, Director of the Spanish Biodiversity Foundation.

Degree in Law from the Autonomous University of Madrid and Master in Environmental Legal, Economic and Social Organisation from Spain’s School for Industrial Organisation (EOI).

Since 2012 she is director of the Biodiversity Foundation. She joined the organization in 2004 as International director. She was responsible for the implementation of the “Empleaverde” program and the project to support entrepreneurs “Red Emprendeverde”, the first specialized platform in the green business aimed at entrepreneurs and investors. She was responsible for the management of the European Social Fund, LIFE projects co-financed by the European Commission and international cooperation with Africa and Latin America.

Since 1997 she is specialised in environmental issues and the conservation of biodiversity. She has worked in consultancies and law firms and collaborated with non-governmental organizations. She has experience in international development cooperation projects and as a delegate in international forums. She has also been a teacher in masters and courses; speaker in conferences and seminars and author of various articles related to environmental issues. She is a jury in various national and international awards and contests and contributes as a nominator in prizes and programs to support projects or organizations.

“We live in a blue planet; the oceans sustain life on Earth and our common well-being. They produce half the oxygen we breathe, regulate the climate and absorb CO2.”

“They provide us with multiple essential services for our well-being like food or medicines”

“The oceans are a center of economic wealth. Activities such as maritime transport, fishing and aquaculture are carried out, energy and raw materials are extracted and leisure activities are enjoyed.”