Siobhan Dunn, Leads Secretariat team for Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group, Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation.

Siobhan leads the Secretariat team for Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI). She has worked in communications roles with the 2020 Group and is currently Project Director. Siobhan is an experienced communications and project manager, with a detailed understanding of low carbon projects and a strong track record in sustainability communications and business engagement. She has over 17 years’ experience in marketing and communications and has led private, public and third sector campaigns as a senior account director working with commercial and public sector clients. She joined ECCI in 2014 with the flagship Smart Accelerator project. An experienced communications strategist, Siobhan works with the 2020 Group board and manages the Secretariat at ECCI.

Scotland’s 2020 Climate Group is a business-led initiative which provides leadership and insight and stimulates collaboration across industry, commerce, government and civic society to work towards a collective vision of meeting Scotland’s ambitious carbon reduction targets and sustainable economic development. Central to our approach is working to catalyse business-led collaborations that demonstrate changes in attitudes and practices, and creating a safe space for challenging, cross-sector conversations. Since forming in 2009 in response to Scotland’s ambitious and world-leading Climate Change Bill and emissions targets, we have developed an extensive network of Scottish businesses and provided a platform for all sectors in Scotland to learn and share best practice and to come together to optimise business performance and environmental impact.

“I am looking forward to learning from other people, from different countries and organisations, who are taking part in the Moving for Climate NOW initiative. I’m particularly excited to share and explore different aspects of climate change thinking and communication along the way!”

Communicating the low carbon transition is critical. How and who we talk to about climate changes matters enormously – these conversations serve to broaden the discussion, to include diverse voices and views and help make climate change real to everyone. Most importantly our communication can and must catalyse action.”