Luis Munuera, Sustainability, Technology and Outlooks directorate. International Energy Agency.

Luis Munuera leads power grid technology work at the Sustainability, Technology and Outlooks directorate of the IEA. Within the technology team he develops scenarios, methodologies and policy-relevant advice on the impact of technological change and innovation on electricity systems. He co-ordinates the IEA Smart Energy Systems roadmap and its work on large-scale power grid interconnection, is a co-author of the Energy Technology Perspectives series, Digitalisation and Energy and co-ordinates the IEA’s ongoing efforts mapping electricity access pathways. Luis holds a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Imperial College London, and has published 15 peer-reviewed papers on various issues around energy technology analysis and innovation. He also holds an M.Sc. in Energy Policy and Environmental Technology from the same university, and an M.Sc. in natural sciences from Universidad Autonoma in Madrid and the University of Cambridge

“Last year renewables accounted for half of global electricity demand growth;in the next 5 years they’ll grow twice as much as coal and gas”

“IEA scenarios show renewables and energy efficiency get us three forths of the way towards 2oC”

“Providing energy access for all: +0.2% increase in global CO2 emissions, but fully offset by lower GHG from less biomass used for cooking”