Inma Vogt, Europe on four wheels.

I cycled 10,000 km across Europe with my boyfriend in the name of climate action, and as working examples for the UNFCCC initiative Climate Neutral Now under the name of Europe on four wheels. I will be an active participant in COP23, and plan to take on Environmental Studies in 2018 at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand. I am a keen outdoorswoman, and will continue climate action campaigning upon my arrival back to New Zealand.

“My motivation and inspiration for this trip is quite simple. I want the future generations to be able to live in this world, rather than just to survive in what is left”

“The goal of my trip this year is to raise awareness and to let the future generation know how their choices, today’s choices, will impact their future, and how to alter those choices to be environmentally friendly to change their future”

“I believe that the key to fighting climate change is to get the younger generations on board and to make them realise the gravity of our current situation and the part they have to play in it, as well as the fact that they have to deal with the repercussions”