Guillermo Martinez, Technical Advisor at the Spanish Office of Climate Change.

Degree in environmental sciences from the University of Alcalá de Henares. All his professional career has been developed in different positions of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing, Food and Environment of the Government of Spain. He is currently a Technical Advisor at the Spanish Office of Climate Change where he is responsible for coordinating national policies for the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions in the transport and fluorinated greenhouse gas sectors. He is also in charge of the European negotiations related to the mitigation regulations in these sectors being the state representative in the EU Committee of Fluorinated Gases of Greenhouse Effect and member of the Group of Experts on the Commission on CO2 emissions in vehicles.

“Achieving more sustainable mobility based on sustainable modes of transport and the use of alternative fuels is key to the achievement of climate objectives and It also has other co-benefits such as reducing air pollution and improving health”

“In mitigating climate change, it is important to look for synergies with other international protocols and conventions. In this regard, it should be noted the Kigali amendment to the Montreal Protocol, which will reduce the use of HFCs more than 85%, which will lead to a reduction in the expected temperature increase of 0.5 ° C by 2100”