Gonzalo Saenz, Climate Change Director, Chairman Area, Iberdrola.

Gonzalo Sáenz de Miera, PhD on Applied Economics by the UAM (Spain) and MA on International Political Economy by Warwick University (UK). He is Director of Climate change at Iberdrola, President of the Spanish Association of Energy Economics, Vice President of the Spanish Green Growth Group, Member of the Board of Economics for Energy, Director of the Master on Energy Business by the Spanish Club of Energy and teacher of economics, energy and environment in several universities.

“Climate change is here and we have to adapt to it. The earlier we do it the cheaper and better will be”

“Adaptation to climate change is to take action to mimimise the damage; but it can also mean taking advantage of opportunities that may arise”

“Climate Change is an ethical issue; it implies questions of fairness and responsibility between generations, nations, individual and the rest of nature”

“COP23 work to define the framework for the 2018 Facilitative Dialogue and to maintain the Marrakech Partnership momentum”