Giuliana Delgadillo, Partnerships Development Manager, AIESEC in Belgium.

I am a Colombian psychologist currently working in AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-led organization recognized by UNESCO. With presence in more than 126 countries and territories we aim to develop leadership in every young person around the globe, empowering youth to take actions with real opportunities. At present and aligned with our campaign Youth for Global Goals, we have more than 360 volunteer opportunities open in 4 continents, of which the objective is to contribute to SDG # 13 – Climate Action achievement.

“Young people are growth engine for a better society and create a better future for the world”. Abdelrahman Ayman Ibrahim, President of AIESEC International

“Climate change is a reality; no country and no person are exempt of it. The world that remains is in the hands of youth and it is up to us to start saving the earth every day”. Giulianna Delgadillo

“In a world that needs urgent action against climate change, we believe as young people, we need more solution-oriented and world citizen leaders, who are capable to take the right decisions to make a difference. That’s why we create opportunities to develop these qualities and at the same time contribute to a better and more sustainable world”. AIESEC