Arturo Pérez General Manager at the Spanish cluster for the Electric Vehicle Market (AEDIVE).

Arturo Pérez de Lucia is General Manager at the Spanish cluster for the Electric Vehicle Market (AEDIVE), a non-profit association representing the entire value chain of the Electric Vehicle market in their dealings with central, regional and local administrations, institutions and the market itself, including the end users.

He joined AEDIVE since its initiation in 2011 and his main role is to coordinate the work of the association through its Working Groups and to establish communication channels with Spanish and EU policy makers and other stakeholders.

Arturo has over 20 years of work experience, mostly as General Manager in several professional publications and internet portals from a wide range of sectors including energy efficiency, logistics, sustainable construction and sustainable mobility. He also has extensive consulting experience in the e-mobility sector.

“eMobility is the sum of strategies linked to sustainable Mobility and Energy efficiencyl”

The electric vehicle is an essential axis of the goals for transport decarbonisation

The present and future of the electric vehicle is based on renewable energies, self-consumption and energy storage