Alhambra Nievas, Full Time Rugby Referee.

In my personal and professional life as an engineer I am very active in those actions necessary to stop climate change. I do my best to raise awareness about these small actions: to recycle, to use public transport, to minimize & share the use of the car, cycling & walking in our city, etc. Following the 3-R philosophy: re-use, reclyce and reduce.

I am involved in rugby that promotes battery reclycing ‘Ecopilas’, refereeing the King’s Cup Final in 2014 & 2017.

“It is urgently needed to make a clear change in our global system to stop climate change”

“Leave the world as you would want to find it. Little actions from everyone will make a big change”

“Cycling everyday to your work will help you have a healthy life and also, have a healthier world”