Stage 6. Bielsko Biala - Krakow. Climate policies

With 101 km, the second longest stage of our route has taken us to one of the most beautiful cities in Poland: Krakow. After crossing the Vistula River, we have made our entry to the former capital of Poland, and one of the largest, oldest and most important cities in the country. Krakow is the city of the arts and culture and its historical quarter has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Today´s route has been particularly challenging, with freezing temperatures and even with snow greeting us on our arrival to Krakow. Nevertheless, and despite the difficult conditions and the accumulated fatigue, we have demonstrated that union gives strength. Thanks to team effort everything is possible.

With the stage of today, and a step away from the goal of this trip, we have closed our cycle of debates talking about the “Climate policies” and the ways to reach the objectives of the Paris Agreement. The right policies and the right tools are needed now. Every minute counts. Public authorities should take advantage of all opportunities for action to implementing the Paris Agreement, including new regulations, economic and fiscal instruments, public procurement to boost companies that are more committed to climate, leading by example at their own facilities, education and awareness schemes, etc.

We invite you to know the interesting contributions to this debate, and to the other topics discussed during the route, in the section “Our contribution to Talanoa Dialogue”.