Stage 5: our message is approaching Madrid!

Today our message has crossed to Castilla – La Mancha, in a route where the straights and flats of this region have dominated our ride to Toledo. Here we have been joined by the President of the Autonomous Community of Castilla – La Mancha, before venturing into the old town to explore all the historic and artistic richness of this Unesco World Heritage City.

Toledo is a very special city. History, art, heritage, culture, cuisine, and craftsmanship are all combined in Toledo. Churches, synagogues and mosques live side-by-side in the City of Three Cultures, where three great religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam – have left their mark. All styles come together in this city: Arabesque, Mudejar, Gothic, Renaissance, which make the artistic value of Toledo incalculable.

Toledo serves as inspiration on how important different ideas and backgrounds need to come together in the fight against climate change. Those of us that have joined the Moving for Climate NOW initiative come from various countries and organisations. It should not be strange to have different opinions about some aspects of the policies to be implemented. However, we are aware that given the seriousness of the situation, we have to concentrate on JOINING and MULTIPLYING forces to mobilise society all around the world to achieve the 1.5oC target.  Debate should not delay action. Society as a whole has to be mobilised and we need all on board.