Stage 5. Ostrava - Bielsko Biala. Corporate and private action

After leaving behind Ostrava and its big surroundings dotted with urban areas, today we have entered into Poland through the Karviná district. The cold has continued to accompany us throughout the day, but there was sun and we have enjoyed every ray we have found along the 85 km of the route.

The place where we spent the night is Bielsko Biala; a small and charming city located in the south of the country, at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. Although the terrain was for the most part flat, there were some roller coaster stretches that added a little spice to the route. In particular, the last kilometres have been slightly uphill, affording us a fine opportunity to put both our bicycles and legs to the test.

Today’s debate has been around the leading role that companies and financial institutions can play in the fight against climate change. The private sector should use its resources to help create a low-carbon, climate-friendly and resilient economy as soon as possible. It is crucial to turn the climate challenge into a business opportunity. Moreover, sustainable financing, mainly from the private sector, will be key to tackle this challenge and, in particular, to achieve at least the annual $100 billion climate finance roadmap for 2020, set by the Paris Agreement.