Stage 3. Brno - Olomouc The role of Nature in climate action

Today’s stage has been entirely developed on Czech roads. The first part was spent on flat terrain, but between km 20 and 50 … we had to work hard with 30 km of ascending road. After that, we were grateful that the road was downhill followed by a flat ride until the end of the route in the city of Olomouc, once the ancient capital of Moravia.

The cold has not made it easy. The thermometer read -2ºC when we left Brno, and 1ºC when we arrived in Olomouc, but the early climb and the good meal prepared by our support team helped us to warm a bit.

Today, as we cycled the 90 km of the route we enjoyed the view of leafy woods, frozen lakes and rivers, and extensive fields. Being in contact with nature reminds us of the important role natural ecosystems have in combating climate change.

Terrestrial and marine ecosystems play an essential role in climate regulation and, currently, absorb approximately half of human carbon emissions. However, the effects of climate change pose a significant threat to our natural systems, which are also affected by other human activities such as the degradation and loss of habitats, overexploitation of resources and the pollution. The interaction of all these threats results in a growing ecological imbalance and in a loss of quality of the natural goods and services on which all human activity depends, including our ability to cope with climate change.

The conservation and restoration of Nature are essential in the strategy against climate change, both in the dimension of mitigation and adaptation, and it is everyone’s responsibility to take action.