Stage 2. Laa an der Thaya - Brno. Just Transition to a sustainable energy model

Our message on climate action has crossed its first border from Austria to the Czech Republic.

The day started a bit cloudy and even colder, but the rain was not accompanying us which made the ride much more enjoyable. This gave us time to indulge the eyes in the beautiful places we have crossed. First the reservoir of Dyje, and then a leafy forest in the vicinity of Brno, our final destination, and the second largest city in the country after Prague.

Today we have traveled a longer distance than yesterday, 91 km, and we have had some climbs which enabled us to make the most of our electric bikes, while also showing the importance of being part of a team that makes sure that no one is left behind.

In a similar way, we also need to ensure that our transition to a sustainable energy model is just and inclusive. A successful low carbon pathway requires the participation of all stakeholders. Alliances and measures to tackle impacts on vulnerable groups and countries will be crucial to leverage all the opportunities that involve an ambitious approach to climate action, that takes everyone into account.