Stage 1: Salamanca and their students wish us good luck!

We are finally on the road towards Madrid for COP25! And we have started pedalling in Salamanca, a city marked by the richness of its heritage and culture and home to one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world, which has just celebrated its 8th centenary.

By departing from Salamanca we want to put youth in the spotlight of climate action. The future is theirs and bringing youth and experienced people closer and facilitating intergenerational dialogue has to be the key. Conveying hope and action for the environment by involving those who will shortly be its main players. A climate generation that wishes to show the world that it is united in climate action.

We have started our trip in the University, where we have been welcomed by its Rector and joined by a group of students and teachers, before arriving to the monumental Plaza Mayor, where the local authorities have gathered to wish us a good trip, and support our cycling expedition for climate action. From there we have cycled to another historical city, Ávila, where we have bordered its amazing city wall, following the same route that makes the professional cycling competition Tour of Spain.

And under this incomparable framework we have talked about the importance of limiting the increase in global temperature to below 1.5 ºC. This is equivalent to reaching global net-zero CO2 around 2050.

The challenge is huge and there is no time to waste. Global average temperature is already about 1°C higher than the pre-industrial period and this increase has happened over just a few decades. Moreover, since the industrial revolution, we have seen a rise in the concentration levels of greenhouse gases not experienced for over 650,000 years.

And the forecasts are not better, if all countries deliver on their current climate pledges, the world will likely experience a 2.9 to 3.4°C average temperature increase. Inaction could cause warming of over 4.5°C with devastating consequences.

But at the same time, addressing climate change is also about building resilience and hope. It is also a huge opportunity, not only by avoiding the impact of climate change, but also because it brings economic stimulus, employment, lower air pollution and a better life today and for future generations.