With friends, we go further

At Moving for Climate NOW we are aware that unity is strength. And to fight against climate change, all allies are welcome and necessary. We advocate for the construction of bridges between governments, the private sector and civil society, that favour sustainable development and the fight against climate change. That is why our initiative unites the forces of Iberdrola and the Spanish Network of the UN Global Compact, and has the strong support of the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change).

This idea is completely aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, but especially with SDG 17, which focuses on the importance of global alliances in favour of these objectives. Basically, it entails that we all mark the path towards a sustainable future, and that the development of our societies does not endanger the valuable environmental heritage of our planet.

Join us in this challenge!

We are adding our voice to the Talanoa Dialogue

The Talanoa Dialogue was created at the 2017 Climate Summit (COP23). It is a discussion forum involving governments and civil society to assess progress in the fight against climate change.

This year, Moving for Climate NOW wants to add its voice through two channels:

On the one hand, via the manifesto we will carry to Katowice, and on the other, through the discussions we will hold at the end of each stage regarding current issues in the climate agenda of the COP24.

With both tools, we will tackle the three central questions of this forum: Where are we? where do we want to go? and how do we get there?

We are now doing our bit. With your and everyone's involvement, the challenge of curbing climate change will be easier to achieve.

The cold, our special "guest"

OK, let's check: Socks, thermal vests, gloves... Our trip requires us to travel light, but warm clothing will be vital! This edition is of course the most demanding in this regard. With winter at the doorstep, in a region with frequent frost and snowfall, we will have to be well prepared to face temperatures that can be below 0°C.

But as we already know that the cold is going to be our "special guest", bad weather won't take us by surprise. We have everything planned and if the stage gets difficult, we will use our best resource: Teamwork!

And joint effort is what gives meaning to our message. So, we will all contribute so that everyone gets to the end of every stage and neither the distance nor the cold will get in our way.